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For successful online sales, well-maintained product feeds are the most important building block. ChannelBuddy helps you keep track of the status and data accuracy of your feeds on all relevant channels. This way, you can generate long-term visibility and sales opportunities on the most important platforms and stay competitive! Join us during the BETA phase and try out ChannelBuddy's features for free. This allows you to actively contribute to optimizing the tool!


Integrate your product catalog effortlessly and fully automated with over 2,000 channels worldwide. This ensures greater visibility for your products and increases your sales opportunities.

Performance Analysis

To determine which channels work best for your business, we provide you with all the necessary key performance indicators (KPIs) in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, you'll learn which products perform exceptionally well, allowing you to optimize your portfolio accordingly.


In addition to our free feed management features, we offer selected premium features such as SEA automation, price watch, and more. These features are designed to help take your business to the next level. For personalized solutions, feel free to reach out to us.

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With ChannelBuddy, we provide you with a tool that allows you to easily manage all the important e-commerce channels with just a few clicks.

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Thanks to numerous feed templates, you can set up your feeds with just a few clicks and refine them using the rule editor. If the desired channel is not available, our support team will provide flexible and timely assistance.

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Free Listings

Due to the unique challenges faced by retailers in recent months, Google has introduced Free Listings on Shopping. This gives you the opportunity to showcase your products to customers without incurring marketing costs and completely automated.

However, Google is not the only channel where you can take advantage of this opportunity. With ChannelBuddy, we provide you with a tool that allows you to easily manage each of these channels with just a few clicks.

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